Since its founding in 2002, The Matt Ables Agency has established itself as a leading entertainment talent agency specializing in artist management, guiding the careers of an elite roster of actors, musical artists, directors, writers and producers. Led by Matthew Ables, the agency has carved out a distinctive niche in the entertainment landscape and earned a reputation for putting artists' interests above all else.


BiG Matt started his career very early.  After being told by his cousins he did not have the skills to rap he started to study the backgrounds of the entertainment industry.  Growing up in the entertainment capital of the world Los Angeles he was captivated by the huge studios, fancy cars and glistening fast life.  Matt quickly became a respected club promoter in Southern California and landed a job with Relativity Records as their West Coast Rep.  Matt would spread his wings in film and television as well as a Production Assistant on titles such as Curtis Court, Inside Edition, and Spider Man.  After some minor brushes with the law Matt would return to the music industry as a Promotions Director for Adelman Broadcasting where he would manage five radio stations simultaneously each of a a different format.  It is here where Matt would learn to multi task and create team winning personnel.  While at the broadcasting partner Matt would go on to launch Starrworx Entertainment where his motto became "We put Stars to Work."  It is here where Matt would launch the careers of broadcasters, dj's , and nationally recording artists.  Once again Matts life would take a turn for what he thought was the worse.  After a separation with his wife, Matt torn and distraught turned to Jesus.  In a very spiritual moment Matt heard from God telling him to quit everything and he would replace it all.  Being obedient Matt made the phone calls and quit it all leaving him with nothing.  Soon after Matts wife returned and they both turned their lives over to Christ. 


One day while searching YouTube Matt discovered Willie Moore Jr.  After managing Willie from Los Angeles Matt and his family made the move to Atlanta.  It is in Atlanta where Matt would make Willie Moore Jr.  a household name in Gospel Entertainment in less than 2 years, securing him deals with Radio One, Reach Media, BET, NRB, and TBN.  From here Matt would secure Tasha Page Lockhart and put her on the Tyler Perry Tour "Madea on the Run" while in his first month of managing her.  Matts latest prodigy is hip hop artist 1K Phew who recently signed an exlusive recording contract with Lecrae’s Reach Records. Matt is also, General Manager of A&P Studios and Producer on several television projects including “In the Spotlight with Kim Ford” and “The Roach Motel” starring DC Young Fly.  

In addition, Matt has been tapped as a full-time Executive Producer and Sales Executive for the AIB Network. Matt brings his vast resources and unique skills to the network's team.


In the effort to broaden Matt Ables Agency horizon, they have joined forces with the Whittley Agency which features A-list actors and artists. Their All-Star roster includes clients such as Grammy award winning artist Q Parker, Food Network Star Chef Jernard and Love & Hip Hop superstar Karlie Redd. When asked why the merger, Matt Ables replied "when I was approached by Dora Din Whittley I was humbled at the fact that she would even consider our agency as a potential partner. However after meeting Mike Whittley and their stellar staff it was a natural fit."